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Reliable gas boiler service and certification for all makes & models.

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Trevor was responsive and helpful as always. Speedy service, clear communication by email and text throughout and quick and easy online payment option available. Highly professional service. This is the second time we’ve used Trevor from Alcro and I would highly recommend him

Customer, Southwold

“Was work carried out very well efficient and thorough. Trevor also took time to explain some of the boiler internals and how they should perform.”

Customer, Lowestoft

Trevor was very thorough and spent time checking stuff so as not to cause us extra unnecessary expense.

Customer, Southwold

Alcro is fully insured and Gas Safe registered


Gas boiler servicing

We’ve supported customers for over 10 years

Qualified as both a gas engineer and an electrician, and with over 35 years working the domestic sector, Trevor brings skill, knowledge and experience to every job.

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Gas boiler servicing

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Frequently asked questions

Getting work done in your home can be stressful.  Get in touch if you have any concerns, and we’ll do our best to help.

You can also check out our information section  on a range of topics concerning electricity and home heating. 

Commonly asked questions:

Heating and electricity use in the home is changing rapidly. Below is the answers to a few of the most asked, but let us know if there is anything else you need to know.

Do I have to have a boiler serviced?

No – if you are a private home owner, that is living in your own home. But we do recommended an annual service for safety and efficiency. If your boiler is under warranty, then this is essential to maintain the warranty.

Yes – if you are a landlord, an annual Gas Safety check is required.

I'm selling my house, where do I find installation certificates?

Despite our best intentions, certificates for work get lost. If you need to get copies, the company that carried out the work will have copies stored. There may be a charge to get copies, but at least you’ll have them for your solicitor. Read More

I'm buying a new cooker, can you install it?

Yes – but you may need a new power cable. Todays cookers have a higher power demand than those manufactured 10 years ago. As a result, your current supply cable may not have a high enough power rating.

Can I install my own gas boiler?
Only if you are a Gas Safe registered gas engineer! Contact the Gas Safe Register to find your nearest installer.
I can smell gas! What should I do?

Further information

LED lamp for energy efficient lighting

Confused over LED lights?

For quite some time now I have been having discussions with clients about the benefits of LED lighting, the conversations usually have themes like “LEDs are for toys. You don’t get enough light from them” or “how can you justify telling me to pay £20 for a lamp (bulb)…

Carbon monoxide alarms save lives

Worried about carbon monoxide?

In 2015 UK regulations changed for rental properties and now require that carbon-monoxide detectors are fitted where there is a risk of carbon monoxide. You may be worried carbon-monoxide (CO) poisoning and you would be right to be concerned.

How to check a gas safe ID

Before you let anyone into your home to do any gas work, whether installations, servicing or repair, it’s essential that you know the person doing the work is qualified to do so. You need to know how to check a gas ID card. It’s for your safety…

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