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Having work done in your home can be a bit dauting. Below you can find a selection of articles and information about some of the situations you might be facing.

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How to be gas safe at home

How to be gas safe at home

How to be gas safeIf you are having any gas work carried out in home you must use a Gas Safe registered engineer. But what is Gas Safe and how do you know if your engineer is registered? Date: 12 May 2022 Subject: Gas Work Sub Section: Regulation What is the Gas Safe...

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How to check a gas ID card

How to check a gas ID card

Before you let anyone into your home to do any gas work, whether installations, servicing or repair, it’s essential that you know the person doing the work is qualified to do so. You need to know how to check a gas ID card. It’s for your safety...

The customer is not always right…

The customer doesn't always know best Before carrying out work at Alcro, we usually make an assessment of the situation or problem so that we can advise customers on their best course of action. This is essential, as if we took the customer's assessment of the...

What to do in a gas emergency

You open your front door and smell gas! What do you do in a gas emergency? There are several steps to follow: Emergency procedures Firstly, ventilate - leave doors and windows open and get fresh air. Don't switch any lights on or off and extinguish any naked flames....

Worried about carbon-monoxide?

In 2015 UK regulations changed for rental properties and now require that carbon-monoxide detectors are fitted where there is a risk of carbon monoxide. You may be worried carbon-monoxide (CO) poisoning and you would be right to be concerned. It is estimated that 50...

Is Confusion over LED Lamps costing you money?

For quite some time now I have been having discussions with clients about the benefits of LED lighting, the conversations usually have themes like “LEDs are for toys. You don’t get enough light from them” or “how can you justify telling me to pay £20 for a lamp (bulb)...

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