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Frequently Asked Questions

Please below some of the questions we are regularly asked. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please get in touch.


How long does a boiler service take?

We always allow an hour for a service although it may take a little longer.

We do ask customers to switch the boiler off around half an hour before the appointment and to make sure the area is clear and accessible.


Is it a legal requirement to get my boiler serviced?

Private home owners are not required by law to get their gas boiler every year but it is highly recommended to make sure it is safe and working as efficiently as possible.

If your boiler is under warranty, an annual service is essential to maintain the guarantee.


Can you certify my DIY electrical work?

It’s very tempting to do your own wok sometime but an electrician can not certify someone else’s work unless it has been done by a competent person (see competent person resigster) and have been able to fully inspect the installation.

Doing your own electrical installations can cost you dearly as it can invalidate your insurance.


How much is a boiler service?

A boiler service costs £70 including call out and certification (also suitable for landlords). If you need inhibitor adding to the system, this is charged at cost.

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