Save energy with Alcro!

Here at Alcro, we are committed to helping you saving energy. This is to benefit your finances and the environment. We provide advice to all our customers on steps they can take to reduce heating costs or electricity costs.

LED Lights

Downlights in kitchens and bathrooms are very popular as they provide good light even across the space. But if you have halogen lamps, these can use a lot of power. Our kitchen used to use 450W every time we switched the lights on. By changing them to LED lamps our power demand reduced to 63W – a massive saving of 86%! An added bonus is that the new lamps have a 10 year life span so no need to change bulbs. Halogen bulbs tend to need change every few months. Another saving.

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Measure your energy usage

 Do you know how much electricity your household items use? It can be hard to work out. Kettles use a lot of power but are only on for a short time (unless you drink a lot of tea!). Sometime that uses low power but is left on all the time can be a big cost.

One way of finding out where savings could be made is to use an energy monitor as shown in the image – the Energie Power Meter. This will show not only how much electricity is being used at a given time, but also how much it uses and costs over a period of time.

You can click on the image if you wish to purchase one (Amazon) or we have one which we can loan out for free to Alcro customers.