The customer doesn’t always know best

Before carrying out work at Alcro, we usually make an assessment of the situation or problem so that we can advise customers on their best course of action. This is essential, as if we took the customer’s assessment of the problem, we could end up ‘fixing’ a problem that didn’t exist or even worse, creating another problem.

For example:

Recently we were called to a property to quote for installing new radiators throughout the house. Our customer was unhappy as the existing radiators weren’t giving out enough heat. As they were quite old, the customer felt that new ones would be a good option. It turned out that the reason the radiators were not working properly was that there was a massive air lock between two of them. This was a problem that Trevor fixed in about 10 minutes saving the customer a huge amount of money, not to mention disruption and time.

Experience and knowledge

When getting electrical or heating work done in your property, it is important to get proper advice from a qualifed professional. But when you don’t know what is right, reasonable and legal, how do you know you are receiving good advice?

Here’s a few tips

  1. Ask for recommendations from friends, neighbours and relatives.
  2. Check the tradesman’s credentials – don’t take their word for it. Check Gas Safe, NICEIC etc to make sure they are registered. Unfortunately bogus companies cost householders millions of pounds every year in poor quality and unsafe work. Trade organisations may also have a ‘wall of shame’ listing unscrupulous businesses claiming membership.
  3. Avoid tradesmen that rush into jobs without testing and providing an assessment – and a price!
  4. If you are worried about the cost of work, it is worth getting more than one quote. But beware of either very  high prices or very low. You can pay over the odds on high prices and where the price is very low, you need to ask what are you not paying for (insurance, quality, reliability etc)?

There isn’t an easy answer to making sure you are getting good advice. Our advice is to procede with caution. We know excellent tradesmen who aren’t the best at marketing or talking to customers but deliver at great service. And we all know those people who sound amazingly brilliant but know nothing…







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